The privacy policy

We recognize that it is an important social responsibility to keep absolutely quiet about security management of the information as a company and place personal information protection as one of the first priority in the company activity.

In addition, it establishes the following privacy policies to practice this surely, and an officer and the employee follow this policy and try for the appropriate handling of the unit case information and management.

Establishment day: January 1, 2005
President and Representative Director
Kazuharu Morimoto

About personal information, we cannot use and collect it without the agreement of the person himself without permission.
We use it only in the range that obtained its consent when we obtained its consent. When it was agreed by an offer, we cannot offer unit case information concerned to the third person other than a case based on laws and ordinances.
We take to our personal information to hold to the unjust access, the loss of the personal information, destruction, manipulation, and the leak about the prevention and the step of the correction.
In addition, we try for the prevention for the problems such as injustice access to the personal information, loss, destruction, manipulation, the leak by practicing the management of ID and the password, thorough save, management, and repeal of personal information rule, the construction of the firewall, case leaving management.
We observe many laws and ordinances about the personal information and other models.
On accomplishing duties to deal with personal information, we observe "Many laws and ordinances about the personal information and other models" "Requirements of the compliance program about the personal information protection (JIS Q 15001)".
In future, to the trend of the times, we will perform a review and improvement of "The compliance program" to devise in own company at any time.
It determines office compliance program (a practice observance plan) about the personal information protection and we publicize and persist it to an officer and an employee, the staff concerned. In addition, we review this regularly and try for the improvement led by a personal information protection management representative to the trend of the times.
We carry out periodical inspection for (1), (2), (3) personal information protection and correct problems.