Products introduction

Slide shafts

  • Slide shafts are used in a wide field of the guide of linear motion mechanism, the piston-rod of oil pressure and air pressure sylinder, oil pressure air pressure machinery, construction machine, molding machine, special vehicle, and various FA machinery, etc.
  • We have various variations of abundant materials and sizes to be able to correspond to a pair with various bearings.
  • Please talk the gudgeon processing.

Ball screw

  • The ball screw has extremely high conduction efficiency when it compare with a general sliding screw.
  • We have richness variation blank stocks and cope on the short appointed date of delivery with original processing technique.

Support units

  • Two kinds of the corner type and round shape, various size.
  • A angular ball bearing is adjusted to a fixation side support unit, and it is incorporated. Because the part which is necessary for installation is attached, easily possess it.
  • Deliver it immediately.

Trapezoidal Screw

  • It is used to conduction mechanism of moving a table, pulling over mechanism, and jack
  • We have various variations of nut shape which is straight, flange, and block. Please use of putting axis together.
  • Cope on the short appointed date of delivery.
  • Please hear the gudgeon processing of the threaded shaft.

Miniature slide screws

  • The miniature slide screw improves the durability by a combination with a special PPS resin nut and the threaded shaft made by stainless steel.
  • Richness of the screw size and lead, and it is used to various fields of semiconductor production device, medical equipment, and food machinery.
  • Please hear the gudgeon processing of the threaded shaft.

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